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Mediation: A Waste of Time?

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Mediation: A Waste of Time?

Mediation: A Waste of Time?

In family law cases in the State of Florida, you will more than likely ask yourself this very question, especially after you are ordered to go by the Judge. In some cases, mediation can result in no agreement. However, I encourage you to go in with an open mind, understanding that if you are able to reach an agreement, you remain in control of your life, rather than forfeiting that control to the Judge for a final decision.

Make sure that you prepare for mediation with your attorney, if you have one. Think about the issues at hand, what you would like to see happen, and what you are willing to give up. A lot of times, if you pick your battles, you will have greater success. Something has to be more important than something else. Pick those things and fight for them. Then, allow some leeway with regards to some of the others. This shows the other party that you are reasonable and willing to compromise.

Also, remember that Florida is a no-fault divorce state. That means that, generally speaking, no one cares that he cheated on you or she left you with the kids. As hard as this is, try not to allow those feelings and emotions to take over and cause you to feel like the “guilty” party deserves nothing and you deserve everything as the wronged party. It’s natural to feel that way, but it isn’t how the law works.

So, if you keep these things in mind, the chances of you settling your case at mediation are pretty good!